On Saturday March 9, 2002, 8:00 PM

Bridal Registries:

Wedding (Boston)
Honeymoon (St. Thomas, St. John)
Washington D.C. (with Nadine and Hisham)
Saad's Mother Visit, Summer 2002
Fort Worth (with cousin Tarek)
Family in Syria & Lebanon, 2003
Saad's 30th Birthday
Our First Anniversary(celebrated at Avanti)
Surprise 1st Wedding Anniversary for Nora (Bertucci's)
Wadad's Visist, March - May 2003
San Antonio, summer 2003
Old Syria, summer 2003
Fairouz at Beit Eddine, Lebanon 2003
Saad's first bio experiment (Gel Electrophoresis with Agnel Sfeir)
Dallas, towards the end of 2003
Boston - New York Trip, 2003-2004
Birthdays 2004
Nora and Wadad in USCAP conference, Vancouver Canada
Nora's parents visit, April 2004
In NY for MSKCC interview
Dina's visit, November 2004
Saad's office at SMU
Highlandpark in Xmas, December 2004
Sometime in 2005 (syria 2005, birthdays in dallas, nora's parents in dallas)
New York, Xmas 2005
London, Xmas 2005
Beirut and Syria 2006
Snowman in NYC, February 2006
March 2006, 4 Anniversaries
Rasha's and Wael's baby, born 03/21/2006
Nora in france, 2006
Cirque du soleil, NYC 2006
Nora's birthday at Serendipity (they have a $1000 Sundae)
Fifth wedding anniversary in Florida
Nora at Rashna's wedding
Italy in summer 2007
Syria in summer 2007
MSKCC stuff (includes: alum'05, grad'06, fellows, alum'06 with rosai, parties, grad'07, alum'07)
Our baby, discovered on 10/13/2007
Xmas / New year 2007
Our baby, born on 06/07/08
Sally's and Hisham's wedding party
Moaz 0m to 3m
Moaz on baby TV
Moaz 3m to 6m
7th Anniversary with Woody Allen
Moaz 6m to 9m
Moaz 9m to 12m
Moaz 12m to 18m (with 1 pic of baby Mert as penguin)
Moaz 18m to 24m (including florida trip and Moaz 2nd birthday)
Moaz 24m to 30m
Moaz 30m to 36m
Moaz 3yr+
Nora and Saad in Vienna
Trial & Error