Advising for MS/Software Engineering Students

General Information

If you live off campus, and would like to discuss with me your courses and degree plans, please e-mail (preferred) or call me. It would be really helpful with a tentative list of yours as the starting point of our discussion. See below for the general course sequence information.

Most of the paperwork could be done by e-mail and fax, to save you extra trips down here to SMU. If you need to see me about anything, please drop by my office, preferable during my office hours, or make an appointment.

If you are not a student in the MS/Software Engineering, or you just wanted to get some information about courses I'm/was teaching, follow this link for general student advising.

Courses and recommended course sequence

The general sequence in your degree program should be:
  1. Take the core courses first (7314, 7315, 7316, and 7319). There are two primary reasons for it:
  2. Take the advanced electives next. Since each semester there might be only two core courses offered, you can start some of the advanced electives when you take the "core".

    Notice that we are making some changes to the advanced electives, organizing them into "tracks" or areas of concentration, while keeping the current requirement as is in the "general" track. Please stay tuned for new update coming soon.

  3. Take the free electives last.
This sequence gives you the maximal flexibility while satisfying your degree requirement.

Degree plans, course transfers, and related questions

Prepared by Jeff Tian ( Posted Jan. 20, 2006.

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