Jeff Tian's Research in Data Analysis and Risk Management

Risk Identification and Management Techniques

I am interested in the applicability and effectiveness of various statistical analysis techniques and models in analyzing software engineering data, particularly, various risk identification and management methods that have many utilities in software management and improvement. Specific techniques that I have investigated or plan to investigate include: Many such techniques, particularly tree-based models, have been used by us to analyze diverse software engineering data, including product and process metrics, customer surveys, and product defects and reliability data. Such analyses have proved to be effective in identifying problematic areas for focused improvement actions. This investigation is summarized in the following paper:

Software Prototyping

Software prototypes can be viewed as an inexpensive probe to evaluate the risk and uncertainties associated with software development to collect information to allow us to make informed decisions. Some of my work in this area is summarized in the following paper:

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Last update: May 2, 2003.

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