Research in Telecommunication Software and Systems

My research in this area concentrates on effective models and techniques that help us evaluate and improve performance and reliability for telecommunication software and systems. Most of my research in this area is conducted in collaboration and partially funded by a Texas THECB/ATP award, Nortel Networks, and in laboratory settings at SMU ( A Laboratory for Telecommunications Management Network Research, through the MRI program of National Science Foundation). Some of my specific research topics include:

Telecommunication Software Testing

Developing models, techniques, and tools to match the special characteristics of telecommunication software and systems. Some key elements include: Much of my research in general software testing, and particularly in web testing and reliability assurance, addresses many of the issues above.

Evaluation and Improvement of Telecommunication System Performance and Reliability

My research in this area focuses on the combination of analytical and simulation techniques to provide accurate assessment of telecommunication system performance and reliability. One of my key interests is the techniques that can be used to identify bottlenecks for performance and reliability optimization and improvement.

Unified Techniques for Telecommunication Software Testing, Performance Evaluation, and Reliability Analysis

We are developing unified models and tools for these purposes. Common information and structure for each of the individual activities are captured in our unified Markov models, that can be used to serve multiple purposes. We are in the process of developing software tools to support this approach. This work is summarized in the following paper:

Defect Analysis for Telecommunication Software Products

This research is summarized in the following paper (see also online abstract):
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