Gary E Pittman
Consultant in Statistical Thinking

13652 Flagstone Lane

Dallas Tx  75240




B. S. Chemistry, with honors, SMU, 1954

Minor in English

Minor in Math

Graduate Courses in Electronics



Phi Beta Kappa

Kappa Mu Epsilon




            Lecturer, Richland Community College

Conducted classes and seminars on SPC throughout U. S. and in Mexico.

Lectured at University College London on history of statistics.



            Engineer at Texas Instruments, 1956-1964

Developed processes to produce the earliest versions of :

High Voltage Rectifiers

            Gallium Arsenide Solar Cells

Silicon Controlled Rectifiers

Varactor Diodes

Tunnel Diodes

Light Emitting Diodes*


*Co-inventor of the Light Emitting Diode. (LED)

This invention led to the formation of a multi-billion dollar optical communication industry, a major supplier to the Internet.

Engineering Manager at Texas Instruments, 1964-1969

Vice President, Manufacturing, Spectronics, Inc. 1970-1977

Director, Military Business, Honeywell Optoelectronics, 1978-1987

Managed development of sophisticated  Night Vision Displays for the U. S. Army.

Director of Quality, Honeywell, 1987-1990

President, SPC Inc. 1990-1994

(SPC, Inc. specialized in Process Improvement using statistical methods.)



            Semiconductor Radiant Diode (LED)        No. 3,293,513

            Photosensitive Transistors                      No. 3,304,431

            Electro-Optical Transistor                       No. 3,413,480



            Quantum Efficiency of a new LED,  Proc. Of  IEEE,

            February 1964

            One Watt Infrared Source, Applied Physics Letters, Nov.,1963

            The Galton Institute in London is presently publishing Mr. Pittman's book about Sir Francis Galton, the discoverer and developer of modern statistical methods.