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Setting Up Remote Desktop Connection via VNC (Windows)

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This tutorial will guide you through setting up the VNC session and connecting to it from Windows machine.

Required Software

Available on the following machines

Setup a PuTTY connection


  1. Download PuTTY and UltraVNC Viewer to Desktop.

    Download PuTTY.exe

    001-2 - Download UntraVnc Viewer

    001-3 - Save UntraVnc Viewer

  2. Extract vncviewer.exe to Desktop.

    002-1 - Extract vncviewer.exe

  3. Start putty.exe

  4. Connect to one of the machine (i.e. genuse1.lyle.smu.edu) port 22 using SSH protocol
    Click open

    For the first time connecting to a machine, security alert will be asked. Click Yes.

  5. Login using your Linux Engineering login and password.

    Login screen

  6. Type vncserver -depth 24 -geometry 800x600 to start the VNC Server on the host
    Replace 800x600 with desired resolution. If this is the first time starting vncserver, you'll be asked to setup the password that will be use to connect to the vncserver.

    vncserver setup

    Take note of the number in the phrase "New 'X' desktop is tank:1"

  7. Right-click on the PuTTY title bar and choose Change Settings...

    PuTTY Change Settings

    • Select Connection/SSH/Tunnels
    • Add 5900 to the number in 4. and put it in Source port (in this case 5900 + 1 = 5901)
    • Type localhost:5901 into Destination (use the same number as Source port after localhost: )
    • Click Add
    • Click Apply

    PuTTY add Tunnels

  8. Open UltraVNC Viewer

    Ultra VNC icon

    Type in the Destination as configured in PuTTY (localhost:5901) then click Connect

    UltraVNC connect

    Type in the password created when running vncserver then click Log On

    VNC password

  9. Enjoy

    VNC Desktop

  10. When finished, close UltraVNC Viewer and type vncserver -kill :1 (change the number to correspond the number in 4.) in PuTTy to terminate vncserver

    Kill vncserver
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