BIOL 5304- 2021   

Fall Semester 2021
MWF 10:00-10:50
Room 110, Dedman Life Sciences Building

Instructor: Steven Vik Telephone 214-768-4228

236 Dedman Life Sciences Building

Office Hours 12:00-1:00 by Zoom or by appt. Website

The successful completion of this course will earn students the following Proficiencies:
      Writing, Oral Communication, and Information Literacy


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Molecular Biology: Control and Expression of Genetic Information (BIOL 5304) DNA structure and replication, control of transcription and translation, and techniques in molecular genetics and recombinant DNA technology.  Organic Chemistry (CHEM 3372) and Genetics (BIOL 3304) are prerequisites for this course.

Required Textbook:

                         Molecular Biology of the Gene,  2013, 7th ed.
                         Watson, Baker, Bell, Gann, Levine & Losick (authors)
                         Material on the website to Molecular Biology of the Gene
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