Conservation in subunit nqo6 (nuoB) Back to subunit list
Thermus thermophilus Complex I is shown with each of the 15 subunits colored a different color. The prosthetic groups, including FMN and FeS are shown in space filling, colored by cpk.

Subunit 6 (B) is colored according to conservation. Magenta is most conserved, cyan is least conserved.

Isolated view of subunit 6 (B).

R84 in nqo 4    Undo  (R274)
Y87 in nqo 4    Undo   (Y277)

Atoms within 6 Å of subunit 6 (B) are shown in cpk according to the coloring scheme:
 nqo4  nuoD  :4
 nqo5  nuoC  :5
 nqo9  nuoI  :9
 nqo8  nuoH  :8
 nqo7  nuoA  :A
 unknown    :w

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Crystal structure of the entire respiratory complex I.
Baradaran R, Berrisford JM, Minhas GS, Sazanov LA.
Nature. 2013 Feb 28;494(7438):443-8. (PubMed)

pdb number (4hea)