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The membrane sector of E. coli Complex I is shown with each of the 6 subunits colored a different color. The peripheral arm and subunit H of the membrane arm are missing.

 nuoL  ND5  :L
 nuoM  ND4  :M
 nuoN  ND2  :N
 nuoK  ND4L  :K
 nuoJ  ND6  :J
 nuoA  ND3  :A
Subunit N is colored according to conservation. Magenta is most conserved, cyan is least conserved. Several lipids, detergents and internal water molecules are shown in space filling.

Isolated view of subunit N.

T160 in nuoM (F60)    Undo 
L171 in nuoM (L71)    Undo  
L183 in nuoM    Undo   
L190 in nuoM    Undo

A268 and L171 in nuoN    A268 alone      
Atoms within 6 Å of subunit N are shown in cpk according to the coloring scheme:

 nuoL  ND5  :L
 nuom  ND4  :M
 nuoK  ND4L  :K
 nuoJ  ND6  :J
 nuoA  ND3  :A
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Most conserved residues of subunit 14 (N).

Glu 133, Lys 217, Lys 247, Lys 395,in the proton channel, colored lime.

Efremov RG, Sazanov LA.
Structure of the membrane domain of respiratory complex I.
Nature. 2011 Aug 7;476(7361):414-20.PubMed)

pdb number (3rko)