Y. lipolytica Complex I-Subunit Interactions Back to Complex I list

Color-all White-all
Core-white Core-colored

Subunit (:id) - E. coli Interactions Reset
FV1 (:B) - nuoF FV1
FV2 (:H) - nuoE FV2
FV3 not present
FS1 (:A) - nuoG FS1
FS2 (:C) - nuoD FS2
FS3 (:G) - nuoC FS3
FS4 (:Y) FS4
(:Z) unknown
FS6 (:M) FS6
FS7 (:K) - nuoB FS7
FS8 (:I) - nuoI FS8
ND1 (:1) - nuoH ND1
ND2 (:2) - nuoN ND2
ND3 (:3) - nuoA ND3
ND4 (:4) - nuoM ND4
ND5 (:5) - nuoL ND5
ND6 (:6) - nuoJ ND6
ND4L (:L) - nuoK ND4L
FAB1 (:O,:Q)   FAB1
FA1 (:D) FA1
FA2 (:f) FA2
FA3 (:g) FA3
FA5 (:F) FA5
FA6 (:P) FA6
(:S) unknown
FA8 (:U) FA8
FA9 (:E) FA9
(:X) unknown
FA11 (:J) FA11
FA12 (:h) FA12
FA13 (:W)    FA13
(:b) unknown
(:e) unknown
FB3 (:c) FB3
FB4 (:9) FB4
(:i) unknown
(:j) unknown
FB7 (:8)  FB7
FB8 (:a)  FB8
FB9 (:R)  FB9
FB10 (:d)  FB10
(:n) unknown

Spin on   Spin off   Rotate 180
Protein wireframe   Protein cpk
Protein cartoon   Colored by sec. structure
Rainbow color: N-term-blue, C-term-red
Zoom 200   Zoom 400   Zoom 600

To show the atoms that contact residue 379 of NDUFV1 (:B),first select "color all" above, then type this: select within (6.0, 379:B); cpk only; display selected; center selected; zoom 1000; select 379:B; color white

Parey K, Haapanen O, Sharma V, et al. High-resolution cryo-EM structures of respiratory complex I: Mechanism, assembly, and disease. Sci Adv. 2019;5(12):eaax9484. Published 2019 Dec 11. doi:10.1126/sciadv.aax9484(PubMed)

pdb ID (6rfr)