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Process Flow Analysis of Baylor Institute of Rehabilitation Occupational Therapy Scheduling System

(Amy S. Edmiston, Christopher C. Raps, 1993)

The patient treatment schedule for the Occupational Therapy Department at Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation is currently displayed on a large magnetic board. This board is sufficient to display the necessary information, but is outdated in comparison with the rest of the rehabilitation facility.

Each day the program specialists of each therapy team must reschedule the patients who are seeing therapists who are off. The rescheduling is now done by a manual trial and error system. This process could more quickly and efficiently be completed by a computer system.

We chose to view this situation as a process flow analysis problem. First, we documented the current system of scheduling. This documentation outlined how the system is currently operated, what the constraints are governing the rescheduling, and how it could be improved. We then developed a flow chart and pseudocode that outlines the pattern that a computer would follow in solving this model. The model is to be used in order to help BIR in the implementation of a effective, reliable computer system.

Richard S. Barr
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