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Design and Implementation of a Computer Simulation and Animation of Andersen Consulting's Factory at the Ideacenter

(Maria Macicek, Michael A. Hartmann, 1990)

The Ideacenter is Andersen Consulting's facility at the Infomart in Dallas where advances in Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) are developed, implemented, and showcased. One component of the Ideacenter is the paperweight factory which is completely automated from Order Entry to Distribution. This factory was built in 1987 and has been in a constant state of development since. A simulation of the factory was completed around the time when the factory was built, but since this simulation was implemented before most of the components of the factory were implemented (including the mainframe and the milling machine), it is certainly not an accurate model of the current system. This simulation also was not animated.

Our objective was to develop a thorough simulation and animation of the current system which will provide specific information on the duration times of events and which can be used to analyze the relationships between events in the current factory configuration. This simulation model could also be used to evaluate the effects of changes to the current configuration. The animation would be a visual representation of the functionality of the model and could be used in the factory for analytical and demonstrative purposes. The entire package (simulation model, animation, and documentation) may also be useful in training new Ideacenter personnel about the functionality and interrelationships of the factory.

Richard S. Barr
Fri Feb 17 16:09:51 CST 2006