EE 8391 | Embedded Wireless Protocol Design Lab

EE 8391 (Spring 2010)
Embedded Wireless Protocol Design Lab

Instructor: Professor Joseph Camp
Email: "camp" AT ""
Phone: 214-768-8541 Fax: 214-768-3573
Office location: 340 Junkins Building, SMU campus
Office hours: MW, 9am-10:30am

Time/Place (in-lab lecture): 11am-12:20pm Tuesday and Thursday, Junkins 215
Additional Lab Time in Junkins 215:
Mondays: 8:30-11am
Tuesdays: 6-9pm
Wednesdays: 10-12:30pm
Thursdays: 8:30-11am AND 7-9:30pm

Course Description: A project-based course in which students implement a family of wireless protocols on embedded microprocessors. Topics range from wireless networking protocols including Aloha, CSMA, and 802.11, embedded programming in C, interrupt-driven operation, and FPGA-based design.

Background: Proficiency in object-oriented programming is required for projects and labs.

Lectures, Labs, and Project Deadlines


You may discuss lab assignments with classmates but all solutions must be original and individually prepared. Late lab assignments will be penalized at 15% of its full credit per day up to a maximum of 4 days, after which no late work will be accepted.

The SMU Honor Code will be strictly enforced.

Required Textbook: None. Suggested textbook for Design on FPGAs for reference with lectures (especially Week 2) and projects: Introduction to Embedded System Design Using Field Programmable Gate Arrays, Rahul Dubey.

The FPGA-based hardware platform, Wireless Open-Access Research Platform (WARP), repository can be found here.