CSE 5345 & 7345
Advanced Application Programming

Java Android Programming
Fall 2012

frank p. coyle / senior lecturer / coyle @ engr.smu.edu / 214.768.3086 voice / 214.768.3085 fax

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drC's VIDEO Library

Ask DrC Series

PHP, MySQL and Lyle Servers

Intro to Streams

Deploying Servlets


Rollo asks "Do I Have Java?"


Hello World with Input

NetBeans - Downloading

NetBeans - HelloWorld

NetBeans - DOS View

Understanding JAR Files

AVI Versions

JAR Files Pt I
(19 MB)

JAR Files Pt 2
(18 MB)

Flash Versions

Jar Files part 1

Jar Files part 2


What is ANT?

HelloWorld - in ANT

ANT - TwoTargets.1

ANT - TwoTargets.2

ANT - TwoTargets.3


StringTok Part 1

StringTok Part 2

StringTok Part 3


Advanced Application Programming

Welcome to the Fall 2012 semester of Advanced Application Programming. This term we will focus on Java and Android development. If you are not a Java programmer or you are Java-rusty, then you need to quickly get up to speed with Java, since it is the basis for Android development. Developing with Android means working with Eclipse, so you should download the latest version of Eclipse (the IDE for Java Developers is fine -- EE not needed), get familiar and start programming Java in Eclipse.

Review Java: The Online Java Tutorial




Learning Android. Gargenta. O'Reilly

This is NOT an introductory Java text. It assumes a solid understanding of Java. We will move quickly through this book.

Order here from Amazon.

Android Developer Cookbook. Steele & To. Addison Wesley

Order Android book here from Amazon.





To help you jumpstart your Java explorations I have created a few videos that you can download as part of this class. These are short Flash and AVI video how-to sessions which you can download without a password. Just use the links under VIDEOs in the right column. If you would like a short video covering a topic you'd like more info about, let me know.