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Image Metrology and Edge Detection

Image metrology is the task of determining dimensional information of object features within image data.  An imporant application of this task is in semiconductor lithography, in which one must determine the precise position of a partially-processed silicon wafer in order to align it with a projected mask image containing feature information for the next processing step.  Edge detection is a sub-task within image metrology in which linear feature of an object -- ``edges'' -- are identified.

Image metrology and edge detection were topics that I focused on during portions of my graduate work at Stanford.  Below are the conference papers that I have written on the topic.  From these studies, I became motivated to understand the effects of nonlinearities within gradient adaptive algorithms, the subject of my Ph.D. thesis.

Publications on Image Metrology and Edge Detection -- Scott C. Douglas
Conference Publications
  1. S.C. Douglas and T.H.-Y. Meng, ``An Adaptive Edge Detection Method Using a Modified Sigmoid-LMS Algorithm,'' Proc. 23rd Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers,Pacific Grove, CA, vol. I, pp. 252-256, November 1989.
  2. S.C. Douglas and T.H.-Y. Meng, ``Design of Edge Detection Templates Using a Neural Network,'' Proc. International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, Washington, DC, vol. II, pp. 331-334, January 1990.
  3. S.C. Douglas, T.H.-Y. Meng, and R.F.W. Pease, ``Nonlinear Adaptive Edge Detection Techniques for Wafer Inspection and Alignment,'' Proc. SPIE Integrated Circuit Metrology, Inspection, and Process Control IV, San Jose, CA, vol. 1291, pp. 130-138, March 1990.
  4. S.C. Douglas, ``A Frequency-Domain Subpixel Position Estimation Algorithm for Overlay Measurement,'' Proc. SPIE Integrated Circuit Metrology, Inspection, and Process Control VII, San Jose, CA, vol. 1926, pp. 402-411, February 1993.