Laser Micromachining Laboratory

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Southern Methodist University


David A. Willis, Ph.D.


Graduate students:

Haosen Tan

Hamid Bayat


Graduate Alumni:

Mohammad Hendijanifard, PhD, 2011

Brandon Least, MS, 2010 (Halliburton)

Cristian Porneala, PhD, 2006 (JPSA Laser, Manchester, NH)

Vicentiu Grosu, PhD, 2005 (GM Research)


Undergraduate Alumni:

Kevin Lowe, BS 2015

Connor Kite, BS 2013

Angelique Wunderlin, BS 2013

Brad Ray, BS 2013

Jason Stegall, BS 2010

Kurt Wilson (Rice University), REU Summer 2008

Daniel Perkins (Texas Christian University), REU Summer 2007

Adam Dreier, BS, 2007


Research activities in this laboratory are dedicated to studies of laser-assisted microfabrication, high power laser ablation, and laser micromachining. Experimental studies with nanosecond time resolution are performed to investigate thermal processes that occur on short time and spatial scales during high power laser-material interactions. Processes that are studied include heat transfer, melting, ablation, and fluid flow. Major equipment in this laboratory includes a high power Nd:YAG laser, an ultraviolet Nd:YLF laser, a Nitrogen laser-pumped dye laser, vibration isolation tables, a 1-GHz bandwidth oscilloscope, fast response optical detectors, and imaging equipment.  The laboratory also has equipment for fabricating and testing microfluidic devices, including fabrication by soft lithography, a Quincy Lab convection oven, syringe pump, and precision balances for measuring flow rates in microchannels.  


Laser texturing and applications to superhydrophobic surfaces

Fabrication of microfluidic devices

Laser-Induced Forward Transfer (LIFT) and Matrix-Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation Direct-Write (MAPLE-DW)

Thermocapillary flow and rupture during thin film laser micromachining

High power laser ablation and phase explosion

Nanosecond time-resolved imaging and diagnostics of laser processes


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