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This page includes information related to classes I teach at SMU's Computer Science and Engineering Department and Engineering Management, Information and Systems Department. Information on the seminars I give as ACM lecturer is available elsewhere. A short biography is available.

Graduate Courses at SMU

The CSE courses are part of the SMU masters degree curriculum in software engineering. The EMIS course is part of the executive masters degree curriculum in information engineering and management. The non-executive courses are available on campus, at satellite campuses, and via NTU and videotape.
- CSE7315 Software Project Planning and Management
This course addresses the issues associated with the successful management of a software development project. The course is centered on the concept of a Software Engineering Process and includes discussion of life cycle models for software development. Other key topics include software job analysis, size and effort estimating, scheduling, risk management, tracking and oversight, configuration management, risk management, quality assurance, and the relationship of these topics to the SEI Capability Maturity Model (CMM) and Integrated CMMs (CMMI).
- CSE8314 Software Measurement and Quality Engineering
The course covers techniques of software quality engineering with emphasis on the role of measurement. Measurement and quality are presented in relationship to the software process and software process maturity models. Key topics include cost of quality and value-added analysis, selecting measures, software reliability, recommended measures for managing software projects, process maturity and its relationship to quality engineering, defect containment and other defect measures, and techniques for collecting, storing, analyzing and displaying data for maximum effectiveness.
- EMIS7359 Software Project Planning and Management (Executive Format)
This course is similar to CSE7315 in content but is taught as a series of five 1-day executive sessions with student assignments in between.

Short Courses at SMU

- Software Project Management Program
[SWPM] A series of 29 short courses, divided into four series, that provide comprehensive coverage of the issues associated with managing a successful software engineering project. These short courses present much of the material in the two CSE graduate courses listed above, but in a format designed to be convenient for working professionals who are not seeking graduate credit. The courses include optional student exercises.

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