EE 2352
Circuit Analysis II
Summer 1995


Course Description:	Laplace transform and its application to circuit analysis.  
Immittance and network functions.  Frequency response and Bode 
plots.  Two-port parameters, power transfer and insertion loss.  
(from the SMU undergraduate bulletin). 

Time:  	M W F: 8:30 -9:50 AM

Location:  		Lectures:  Caruth Hall 229
Instructor:  	Gary Evans	319 Caruth Hall  768-3032 (office) 768-3573 (fax) (email)

Office Hours: 	M W F   	10:00-11:00 AM (or by appointment)
	Sat		2:00-3:30 PM (call/email to make sure)

Prerequisites:  	2350
Text:	Allan D. Kraus, Circuit Analysis, West.  Notes will be provided.

Exams:	two midterms, one final, both will be closed book.  Previous exams 
from this course will be provided.  Exams will be closed book with 
one page of notes on an 8.5" x 11" (you can write on both sides) 
sheet of paper for the first exam with one additional page allowed 
for each consecutive exam.

Homework:	Due on Mondays.  The (total) homework is equivalent to a 
midterm.  Usually,  each homework problem is worth 10 points.  
Students are encouraged to work together on the homework, in 
person, by email (use the ee2352 newsgroup) or any other means.  
The answers to the problems from the text are in the back of the 
book.  Homework will be graded by Mr. J. P. Sih 

Disabilities:	Southern Methodist University provides reasonable 
accommodations for students with disabilities.  This University 
will adhere to all applicable federal, state, and local laws, 
regulations and guidelines with respect to providing reasonable 
accommodations.  It is the students responsibility to contact the 
faculty member and/or the Services for Students with Disabilities 
at 768-4563 in a timely manner to arrange for appropriate 

Grade Composition:	
		midterm 1:	22%
		midterm 2:	22%
		homework       22%
		final exam:      34%
Email:	If you do not have access to electronic mail, you should contact the SEAS 
help desk at 214-768-SEAS (7327), room 302b Caruth to get an account.  A 
newsgroup, "smu.seas.ee2352", will be set up for this course.  If you have 
trouble subscribing, contact "" by email.  Postings to the 
ee2352 newsgroup can automaticall appear in your mailbox by emailing 
"" with the request "subscribe ee2352"

Course Schedule:

Week	Date		Course Topics

1	5/31,6/2	Ch 9, Complex Frequency and Phasors
2	6/5,7,8	Ch 10, Techniques in AC Analysis
3	6/12,14,16	Ch 11,  AC Power
4*	6/19,21,23	Ch 13, Frequency Selectivity and Resonance (midterm #1)
		(Ch 14, Mutual Inductance and Transformers--skip)
5	6/26,28,30	Ch 15,  The Laplace Transform
6	7/5,7	Ch 16, Application of the Laplace Transform
7	7/10,12,14	Ch 17, Convolution
8	7/17,19,21	Ch 18, Two-Port Networks
9*	7/24,26,28	Ch 19, Transfer Functions, (midterm #2) 
10	7/31,8/2,4	Ch 20, Frequency Response and Filters/Final Exam

*There will be no classes on Friday June 23 or Friday July 28 (I will be 
out of town).  I plan to make up the missed Friday classes by having two 
Saturday sessions, possibly on Saturday June 17 and Saturday July 22. 

Important Dates 

Midterm Exam(s):  Wednesday, June 21 and Wednesday, July 26 

Final Exam:  Friday, August 4, (last day of class)

rev:  5/30/95