Telecommunications Engineering, Inc.

In 1979, Dr. H. Charles Baker founded Telecommunications Engineering, Inc., a consulting firm in the Dallas area. Dr. Baker is a Consulting Member of the Society of Telecommunications Consultants. He is an Internet Consultant, helping commercial clients establish a presence on the World-Wide Web, either via classified ads or actual home pages. He assists mostly "Fortune 500" clients in telecommunications strategic planning, systems evaluation and training. He did extensive work with the International Communications Association in various projects including the planning, production, and evaluation of its technical conferences, seminars and other activities. He was the Speaker Coordinator for ICA Annual Conferences for 22 years. His consulting experience covers a broad spectrum of voice, data, radio, enterprise networking, and integrated systems, as well as the Internet.

Besides the ICA, some of his major consulting clients and projects have included:
Arabian American Oil Co.	Technical assistance for private network
Bank of America			Evaluation of ISDN
General Motors Corporation	Evaluation of digital microwave versus fiber
Harris Methodist Health System	Strategic planning for private network
JCPenney Business Services Co.	Evaluation of credit authorization traffic
K mart Corporation		Evaluation of a satellite-based credit 
					authorization network
Northern Telecom		Evaluation of integrated voice/data terminal
3M Company			Evaluation of effects of connectors 
					on high-speed digital transmission
Mobil Exploration & Production	Evaluation of PBX bids
Southern New England Telephone	Evaluation of patents
Xerox Corporation		Planning for customer premise networking

In addition to the above, Dr. Baker has taught hundreds of seminars on four continents and has established an international reputation as a speaker-analyst concerning business applications and concepts in telecommunications technology. He has published more than 60 technical papers, co-authored two books, and presented more than 75 invited speeches to various professional groups.

He has been engaged as an expert witness in a variety of court cases involving electrical safety, telephone toll fraud, patent infringements, industrial accidents and telecommunications equipment malfunctions. He has been on the winning side in 100% of the cases in which he has participated as an expert witness.

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