Clark Kinnaird


Teaching Experience

Industry Experience


Activities and Awards


  • Southern Methodist University         Dallas Texas         Ph.D.         May 1999 Electrical Engineering Department

    Dissertation:        "Adaptive Fuzzy Process Control of Integrated Circuit Wire Bonding"

    Areas of concentration:     Advanced Control Theory, Circuit Design, Statistics

  • University of Florida Gainesville M.S.E. May 1984 Electrical Engineering Department

    Areas of concentration: Control Theory, Communications, Circuit Design

  • University of Florida Gainesville B.S. March 1980 Nuclear Engineering Department

  • Teaching Experience:

    1999 Present                        Southern Methodist University         Dallas, Texas

    Adjunct Professor     Electrical Engineering Department

    Instruction and course development for undergraduate electronics and controls classes

    Supervision of practical electronics laboratory sessions

    Classes: Electric Circuits, Electronics, Signals & Systems, Control Theory, Digital Logic

    1983 1984                            University of Florida                        Gainesville, Florida

    Teaching Assistant Electrical Engineering Department

    Instruction of undergraduate electronics laboratories

    Course development for undergraduate applied linear control laboratory

    Industry Experience:

    2013 - present Texas Instruments Dallas, Texas

    Systems/Applications Engineering

    Automotive Electronics Design

    Focus on automotive body motors

    1999 - 2013 Texas Instruments Dallas, Texas

    Product Definition, Industrial Interface Products

    New product definition for industrial data transmission integrated circuits

    Apply technical advancements to anticipate and solve customer systems problems

    Expand technical roadmap and competitive strategy for interface products

    Develop in-house technical training for design, test, and applications personnel

    1993 - 1999 Texas Instruments Process Automation Dallas, Texas

    Systems Engineer / Project Leader Wire Bond Department

    Industrial machine design with focus on three-axis servo performance, machine vision system, and illumination electronics

    Developed on-machine process inspection, enabling fine pitch wire bonding control

    Increased throughput with new three-axis servo design

    1984 1993 Raytheon Systems Defense Electronics McKinney, Texas

    Lead Electrical Engineer Electro-Optics Systems

    Designed hardware and software for infrared vision and military vehicle control applications
    1980 1982 Lockheed Martin Aerospace Orlando, Florida Designed electromechanical servo actuators for precision mechanical systems

    Developed computer simulations and analysis algorithms for product evaluation



    "Wie Viele Elektromotoren Befinden Sich In Ihrem Auto"

    Next Mobility News, June 2018

    Wie viele Elektromotoren befinden sich in Ihrem Auto?



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    also presented at SAE World Congress, April 2015, Detroit


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    C. Kinnaird and A. Khotanzad

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    Activities and Awards:

    Several U.S. patents awarded and pending

    Registered Professional Engineer, State of Texas

    Senior Member of IEEE

    Elected to Eta Kappa Nu electrical engineering honor society, 1984

    Texas Instruments Method Improvement Recognition award, 1992

    SMU "Honoring Our Professors' Excellence" (HOPE) recognition, 2003