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Current Ph.D. Students

Ademola Adejokun

Canon Ellis

Amiao Gao

George Sammit

Simin Wang


Current D.E. Students

Sujan Mulepati

Qiao Zhang



Graduated Ph.D.

Alex (Xu) Bai (Fujitsu, TX)

Xiaoyu Liu (Microsoft, WA)

Osama Barack (IPA, Saudi Arabia)


Graduated D. E.

Isaac Chow (Verizon)  






     LiGuo Huang

       Associate Professor

       Dept. of Computer Science

       Southern Methodist University

Phone: (214)-768-3709

Fax: (214)-768-9980 (Attn: Dr. LiGuo Huang)

E-mail: lghuang AT smu DOT edu


Office: Caruth Hall 421

Mailing Address:

Department of Computer Science

Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering

Southern Methodist University

PO Box 750122, Dallas, Texas 75275-0122

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the Southern Methodist University (SMU). My broad research area is software engineering, with an emphasis on software quality/information dependability and value-based software engineering. I am especially interested in techniques, models and processes for software quality assessment, achievement and improvement during the requirement, architecture design and construction phases of software development; and broadly in software metrics and modeling, process formalization and improvement, software reuse & COTS, software architecture, high dependability computing, software evolution, and empirical software engineering. My primary research goal is to develop metrics, quantitative analysis models to reason about software quality attributes, and to develop process for optimizing software quality achievement during the entire life cycle of software development and maintenance.

Selected Publications:

  • How Much Software Quality Investment Is Enough: A Value-Based Approach
    LiGuo Huang and Barry Boehm
    IEEE Software, vol. 23, no. 5, September/October, 2006, pp. 88-95.

  • Applying the Value/Petri Process to ERP Software Development in China
    LiGuo Huang, Barry Boehm, Hao Hu, Jidong Ge, Jian L, Cheng Qian
    Proceedings of 28th International Conference of Software Engineering (ICSE), Shanghai, China, May 2006.

  • Tailor the Value-Based Software Quality Achievement Process to Project Business Cases
    LiGuo Huang, Hao Hu, Jidong Ge, Barry Boehm, Jian L
    Proceedings of International Software Process Workshop (SPW), co-located with ICSE, Shanghai, China, May 2006, LNCS.  

  • A Value-Based Process for Achieving Software Dependability
    LiGuo Huang
    Proceedings of International Software Process Workshop (SPW), co-located with ICSE, Shanghai, China, May 2005, LNCS3840.

  • The ROI of Software Dependability: The iDAVE Model
    Barry Boehm, LiGuo Huang, Apurva Jain, Ray Madachy
    IEEE Software, vol. 21, no. 3, May/June, 2004, pp. 54-61. 

  • Value-Based Software Engineering: A Case Study
    Barry Boehm, LiGuo Huang, Apurva Jain, Ray Madachy
    IEEE Computer, vol. 36, no. 3, March 2003, p 33-41+4.


Dr. Huang is looking for bright, self-motivated (undergrad or grad) students and other colleagues to work with her on research projects related to her research interests.