Lewis Sykalski EngD
Research Engineer


E-mail: lsykalski@smu.edu

Curriculum Vitae: [pdf]


I recently completed my Doctor of Engineering under the supervision of Dr. Tyler Moore.

My research is focused on enabling researchers to better make decisions pertaining to security-related issues.


  Security Economics

  Software Intrusion/Detection

  Modeling & Simulation

  Software Quality Engineering

  Human-Machine Interface


  [2015] EngD Software Engineering (Security) - Southern Methodist University [coursework]

  [2009] M.S. Software Engineering - Southern Methodist University

  [2002] B.S. Computer Science - University of Wisconsin-Madison

  [2002] B.S. Electrical Engineering w/Comp. Engr. Opt - University of Wisconsin-Madison


  Outstanding Executive Student - 2009


  A Reusable Framework For Security Dataset Analysis [paper][weblink][bibtex]

  An Analysis of Factors Affecting Corporate Breach Exposure [paper][slides][bibtex]

  Factors Affecting Online Dating: A DOE Case Study [paper][slides][bibtex]

  Securing WebApps: A Survey of Vulnerabilities & Static Analysis Tools [paper][slides][bibtex]

  Software Effort Estimation: Planning To Meet Schedule [paper][slides][bibtex]

  Procedural vs. Object-Oriented: A Quality Attribute Case Study [paper][slides] [bibtex]

  Do-It-Yourself Mobile Forensics [paper][bibtex]

  Meeting Availability Goals: A Software Reliability Case Study[paper][slides][bibtex]

  Quality Software: A Software Test Case Study [paper][slides][bibtex]

  Space Invaders: Adaptive Difficulty [paper][slides][CODE][bibtex]

Work Experience:

  Lockheed Martin Aeronautics: 14 years of flight simulation/battlespace management application development.

This includes:

  avionics/sensor modeling

  battlespace management

  design of experiments

  simulation tools

  HMI prototyping

  man-in-the-loop fighter simulation

  command & control


  GE Medical Systems: 1 year Hardware Test Engineer for Bone Densitometry Product Line