CS 7311 Fall 2021

Instructor: Dr. Manikas

THIS COURSE WILL BE TAUGHT ONLINE - THERE ARE NO SCHEDULED LECTURES. However, there will be scheduled readings and assignments during the semester.

Text: There is no textbook for this course. All the necessary materials will be provided on Canvas.

Catalog Description

A comprehensive foundation course covering the major topic areas of computer science. Topics include computer organization, compilation and execution processes, data structures, algorithmic analysis and order of growth, function abstraction and the run-time stack, pointers and dynamic allocation, recursion, object-oriented programming concepts, processes and threads, concurrency and deadlock, and memory management. Prepares students without a computer science background for master's degree work in the Computer Science Department. Credit cannot be applied toward a master's degree in computer science, software engineering, or security engineering.


Ability to program in a high-level language such as Python, Java or C++.


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