CSE 5381/7381 FALL 2018

Instructor: Dr. Manikas

Text: Parallel Computer Organization and Design, M. Dubois, M. Annavaram, and P. Stenstrom, Cambridge University Press, 2012.

Lecture: T,Th 11:00 am - 12:20 pm

Room: Caruth Hall, Room 161

Catalog Description

Introduces the state of the art in uniprocessor computer architecture, with a focus on the quantitative analysis and cost-performance trade-offs in instruction set, pipeline, and memory design. Topics include quantitative analysis of performance and hardware costs, instruction set design, pipeline, delayed branch, memory organization, and advanced instruction-level parallelism.


C- or better in CSE 4381 or equivalent: machine organization, instruction set architecture design, memory design, control design, algorithms for computer arithmetic, microprocessors and pipelining. It is also expected that the student will have some programming background in a high-level language (C/C++ or Java), assembly language, and a hardware-description language such as Verilog.

Material Covered (tentative)

(Chapter and Topic)


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