Research Projects

Suku Nair is the founding director of HACNET (High Assurance Computing and Networking) Labs.  which comprises 6 full-time faculty and their graduate research students.  

The current research projects include:

       Secure and Reliable Information Infrastructure:

      Real-Time Protocol Monitoring (RTPM)

      Border and Transportation Security

       Application Security

      PCPP – Private Computing on Public Platforms

      Wireless Phishing – detection and prevention

      Cloud Security

       Enterprise  Security

      Risk Assessment

      Security CMM

      Security Metrics

       Health-care Safety and Security

      Security against “Honest but curious” attacks

      Safe HMI

       Phyber-Security TM (Cyber-Physical Security)

      Embedded security

      SCADA Security

      RFID Security

      Security Fusion

      Secure D2D communication