Experimental Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Southern Methodist University


Paul S. Krueger, PhD


Graduate students:

Ali Moslemi (PhD)

Mustafa Musta (PhD)

Tyler Nichols (PhD)

Lauren Couch (MS)

Maria Breda (MS)


Undergraduate Students:

Jason Smith

Michael Gratzinger



Christian Naaktgeboren (PhD, May, 2007)

Ali Olcay (PhD, May, 2007)

Zachary Parvin (MS, May, 2007)


Adam Koenig (REU Participant, summer 2009 (WSU))

William Bilyeu (BS May, 2009)

LaRa Foster (REU Participant, summer 2008)

Shawna Burns (BS May, 2008).

Jeff Stubblefield (REU Participant, summer 2007 (TCU)).

Michael Pierce (BS May, 2007).

Johanna Raad (BS May, 2007).

Rebekah Eason (BS May, 2006 (Caltech))

Eric Quijano (BS May, 2004)



         Unsteady, Biological, and Bio-Inspired Propulsion

         Fluid Entrainment by Vortex Ring Formation

         Vortex-Boundary Interactions




         14 ft. (524 gal.) towing tank with glass walls for flow visualization

         Two glass aquaria (55 in. and 8 ft.)

         6 in 6 in (cross-section) vertical water tunnel

         Coherent Innova 70 Ar+ 2W continuous wave laser

         High-resolution digital particle image velocimetry (DPIV) system including a LABest Optronics, Ltd., 200 mJ Nd:YAG laser

         High Resolution 12 in. Schlieren System

         TSI V3VTM 3D, 3-component, volumetric flow measurement system



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