OMNISCIENT- a big leap in image sensing

Our lab recently initiated work on an interdiscplinary effort aimed at building imagers capable of gleaning information from photons and optical fields that have experienced multiple intermediary bounces prior to detection. Such capabilities represent a significant departure from current electro-optic systems, which are primarily optimized for single-bounce line-of-sight operation.
    These new imagers afford the unique opportunity to
resolve spatial detail, discern motion and identify material properties of objects that are beyond the line of sight and hidden from view.


Problem: From this view alone, can you determine what's written on the obscured faces of the yellow box ?

    Join us if you wish to help solve    such problems.

Our approach

We identify a latent image of the objects hidden from view, by concomitantly exploiting the wave nature of light, the finite speed of light and the fact that real-world objects are intrinsically rough at optical scales. Our approach builds upon prior art in imaging through scattering media.

Team: The OMNISCIENT program is a multi-university research initiative spearheaded by SMU and funded* by DARPA (under the REVEAL program).



Current openings

We have multiple openings for motivated PhD students and post-docs with the following skills:

  1. background in Fourier Optics and Stochastic Processes
    (additional background in Statistical Optics is desirable)
  2. extensive experience in Interferometry and/or Holography
Interested candidates are requested to send an email with the subject line "OMNISCIENT opening".
Please include a copy of your most recent CV, and a list of references.

(*) contract under negotiation