Dinesh Rajan
Cecil and Ida Green Professor

Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Curriculum Innovation
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Bobby B Lyle School of Engineering
Southern Methodist University
PO Box 750338
Dallas, TX 75275-0338
phone: 214 768-1259
email: rajand@lyle.smu.edu

Office Location: Junkins Building Rm 311


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Fall 2019


ECE 5379/7379 Optimization of Wireless Networks (details at SMU CANVAS website)


Courses from earlier semesters



My research is focused on the design of sensing systems, extracting information from them and communicating this information in a reliable manner.  The research in our group lies at the intersection of signal processing, communications and information theory.  Specific current projects are as follows:

·        Enabling efficient communications among a swarm of drones

·        Structural Health Monitoring of Railroad bridges


We have openings for PhD students on several projects.  If you are interested, send me an email with your CV and transcripts.


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