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Publications for Dr. Rao Mallik Kotamarti


  • Thesis: Quasi alignment methods for molecular sequence analysis
  • R.M. Kotamarti, M. Hahsler, D.W. Raiford, M. McGee and M.H. Dunham. "Analyzing Classification Using Extensible Markov Models," Bioinformatics 26(18):2235-2241, 2010.
  • R.M. Kotamarti, M. Hahsler, D.W. Raiford and M.H. Dunham. "Sequence Transformation to a Complex Signature Form for Consistent Phylogetic Tree Using Extensible Markov Model," Proceedings of the 2010 IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, 2010.
  • R.M. Kotamarti, and M.H. Dunham. Alignment-free Sequence Analysis with Extensible Markov Model. BIOKDD 2010
  • R.M. Kotamarti, D.W. Raiford, M.L. Raymer and M.H. Dunham. "A Data Mining Approach to Predicting Phylum for Microbial Organisms Using Genome-Wide Sequence Data," 2009 Ninth IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Bioengineering.
  • R.M. Kotamarti, D.W. Raiford, M. Hahsler, and Y. Wang, M. McGee, and M.H. Dunham. "Targeted Genomic signature profiling with Quasi-alignment statistics," COBRA preprint series, 2009.
  • R.M. Kotamarti, M. Thornton and M. H. Dunham. "Quantum Computing Approach for Alignment-free Sequence Search and Classification". A chapter in IGI Global book: Multidisciplinary Computational Intelligence Techniques: Applications in Business, Engineering and Medicine