CSE 7314 (Spring, 2007): Homework #1

Prof. Jeff Tian (tian@engr.smu.edu)

Part 1

Review the material related to class 1 (Ch.1-6, and Ch.13-17 briefly) and write a short essay or a critical analysis of software testing and quality assurance practice in your work or in your previous course projects. There are two variations to this homework assignment:

  1. Review the quality assurance/testing situation in your company, and write a short essay to summarize the current practice in your company (or your former company), analyze its strength and weakness areas, and discuss possible improvements.
    (This is probably more appropriate for software professionals. However, if you don't feel comfortable discussing the practices at your company, you may choose the second option below.)

  2. Review the quality assurance/testing activities carried out during the completion of your previous course projects, and write a short essay to summarize the current practice in your course projects and discuss possible improvements.
    If you do not have too much to report in the "practice" part, you should concentrate on exploring new approaches and alternatives to testing and quality assurance based on reading materials from our textbook or from other technical sources (journals, conference proceedings, etc.). See the online list of related books, references/bibliographies for them and Tian/SQE book, and the general list of quality related publications for further information.
    (This is probably more appropriate for full-time students or those professionals who are not comfortable discussing their company practices.)
You essay should be around 2-3 double-spaced pages.

Part 2: Problems from Tian/SQE Book

Problems 1.3, 6.2, 6.3.

Due Date:


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