CSE 7314/5314 (Fall 2013) Syllabus

Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Prof. Jeff Tian, CSE Dept., SMU, Dallas, TX 75275
Phone: (214)768-2861; Fax: (214)768-3085
E-mail: tian@lyle.smu.edu; Webpage: www.lyle.smu.edu/~tian/class/7314.13f

General Description

Software quality assurance (SQA or simply QA) includes testing and many other activities and related techniques aimed at assuring that appropriate functionality has been implemented correctly and efficiently in the software system, product, or service to satisfy the requirements and needs of its target customers and users. We will devote slightly more than half of the class time to various topics related to software testing, with an emphasis on formal/systematic testing techniques, including: These testing techniques are organized by their underlying models, including 1) "flat" structures such as lists, partitions and equivalent classes, and 2) finite-state machines. These models will help us prepare, perform, and perfect (manage/improve) testing to achieve functional or structural coverage or to mimic realistic usage scenarios in a systematic way.

Specific testing techniques to be covered include: checklists, partition testing, input domain boundary testing, finite state machine testing, control flow testing, data dependency analysis and data flow testing, basic operational profiles and Markov chains for usage-based statistical testing, fault injection and mutation testing.

Test activities, management, automation, and related issues, such as testing sub-phases, team organization, testing process, people's roles and responsibilities, test automation tools, specialized testing techniques for specific purposes and/or applicable to different application domains, test integration, etc., will also be discussed.

The rest of the class time will be devoted to the following topics:

Workload and Grading

The course grade each student receives will reflect the weighted average of exams, homework assignments, and course project. The approximate weight assignment is as follows:

Midterm Exam
Final Exam

The primary difference for graduate students (enrolled in 7314) and undergraduate students (enrolled in 5314) is in the project, as explained in the project assignment information.

Textbook and Other Information

Prepared by Jeff Tian (tian@lyle.smu.edu).
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