CSE 5314/7314 (Fall 2023): Homework #2

Prof. Jeff Tian (tian@engr.smu.edu)


  1. Compare the similarities and differences between the SQE process in Chapter 5 and the testing process in Chapter 6. Also, discuss the relative importance of planning/preparation activities in these two processes.
  2. Choose one of the bottom-up or top-down model construction procedures for PT (partition test) to perform one of the following:
    1. Starting with a checklist, construct a corresponding set of partitions for PT.
    2. Starting with an overall input domain definition, partition the input domain for PT.
  3. Enhance your testing model for the previous problem to build a Musa OP to support UBST. In particular, pay attention to and describe the information sources, participants and additional data collection needed, granularity and practicality of the OP constructed.

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Prepared by Jeff Tian (tian@engr.smu.edu).
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