CS 8316 (Fall, 2021): Homework #4

Prof. Jeff Tian (tian@smu.edu)

  1. Early I.D. (interaction devices) were typically text-based, while newer UI using DM/AR/VR have made visual/graphical I.D. popular. What is the future outlook for I.D. based on other sensory (e.g., sound, touch, smell, taste) or multi-sensory input/output? Explore this topic on your own by reading relevant publications and/or other online/printed material, and give some examples of such I.D. and classify them by the sensory category and the I.S. each I.D. supports. Please cite the sources of the information/document you referenced.

  2. What is the usability of an I.D.? How would you measure it? Can some I.D. be used as usability measurement instruments/devices for some interactive systems as well? If so, how? If not, what additional measurement instruments/devices can you suggest?

  3. What is the usability of a system that supports C&C (Communication and Collaboration)? How would you measure it? What kind of data are needed and how would you collect them?

  4. For effective C&C, various information and data are retained and managed, and various I.D. are used. Content organization (C.O.) plays an important role in UID and its various I.S. Discuss how C.O. and I.D. can be used effectively to support C&C and ensure its usability.

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