CS 8316 (Fall 2021) Syllabus

User Interface Design

Prof. Jeff Tian, CS Dept., SMU, Dallas, TX 75275
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1. General Information and Course Contents

With the pervasive use of interactive systems, including computers, smart devices, software and information systems, networks and infrastructure, and related products and services, in modern society or the "connected-world" by the massive and diverse user population for work, leisure, societal, and other functions/purposes, usability ("how easy to use it? or, how easy to interact with it?") has taken on increased importance for both the consumers and producers of such systems, making it one of the primary quality attributes and a critical factor that determines the success or failure of the products, systems, or services.

User interface design (UID), which is interpreted as also encompassing evaluation and improvement activities, plays a key role in achieving our goal of good (universal) usability for these diverse population of users. Another term commonly used nowadays for UID in this sense is UI/UX (user interface/user experience). Broadly speaking, UID or UI/UX are the subjects of study in the inter-disciplinary field of HCI (human-computer interaction, also called CHI, computer-human interaction, although we prefer the former to emphasize the human-centered or user-centered perspective). In this course, we will cover related activities and techniques, including:

Workload and Grading

The course grade each student receives will reflect the weighted average of exams, homework assignments, and course project. The approximate weight assignment is as follows:

Homework and participation
Exam #1
Exam #2


Textbook and Other Information

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