CS 8316 (Fall, 2022): Homework #3

Prof. Jeff Tian (tian@smu.edu)

  1. Discuss the similarities and differences between DM and GUI, with illustrations of each based on some UI designed/implemented using DM or GUI. Also discuss their relationships to multi-media UI (you may want to read some papers listed in topic cluster TC3 of our online list of interesting papers).

  2. What are the similarities and differences between menus and forms? Describe some general situations, supported by at least a couple of specific examples, where menus or forms may be more appropriate than DM or CLI.

  3. Command language interface (CLI) is one of the oldest UI. On the other hand, in pursuit of universal usability, CLI can be enhanced in various different ways, leading to multi-lingo natural language interface (NLI). Research advances in NLP (natural language processing) and AI/MT (machine translation) have enhanced NLI capabilities. Will the advance of NLI eliminate the need for CLI? What is its impact on universal usability? Are there any limitations with NLI? How would you evaluate the usability of CLI and NLI? You may want to research this topic a bit by reading a couple of recently published papers on this topic. If so, please cite the paper(s) in your answer.

  4. AR and VR are covered in our textbook (DTUI) in the chapter for DM. However, many AR and/or VR systems often involve other I.S., such as NLI as well. Some AR or VR system may also include some brain-computer interfaces (BCI). How would you classify BCI using our IS classification? Briefly justify yourself.

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