CS 8316 (Fall, 2022): Homework #4

Prof. Jeff Tian (tian@smu.edu)

  1. Early I.D. (interaction devices) were typically text-based, while newer UI using DM/AR/VR have made visual/graphical (often with touch screens) I.D. popular, and NLI has also often employed sound (and handwriting/smartboard) I.D. What is the future outlook for I.D. based on multi-sensory (e.g., combinary of sight, sound, touch, smell, taste) input/output? Explore this topic on your own by reading relevant publications and/or other online/printed material, and give some examples of such I.D. and classify them by the sensory category and the I.S. each I.D. supports. Please cite the sources of the information/document you referenced.

  2. What is the usability of an I.D., as comparing to the usability of a system and its UI? How would you measure it? Would it be different from overall system usability measurement?

  3. What is the usability of a system that supports C&C (Communication and Collaboration)? How would you measure it? What kind of data are needed and how would you collect them? Compare your usability definition and measurement for C&C vs that for I.D. above.

  4. Suppose you are following the standard (or our modified/enhanced) UID process to develop a system for C&C. What would you do differently in the UID process and how would its components/steps be modified or changed for this purpose?

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Prepared by Jeff Tian (tian@smu.edu).
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