CSE 8317 (Spring, 2013): Homework Assignments

Prof. Jeff Tian (tian@engr.smu.edu)

Assignment #L: Literature Research

Use the online resources for software engineering/quality literature as your guide, search (I suspect that the majority will be "search" online, see notes below) some journals/magazines/proceedings sources to find some articles on software reliability/safety and related defect/risk/quality analysis, and do the following:

Some specifics about your literature sources:

Notes about online literature research
If you prefer to do a online literature research, the best place to start is the online resources in the SMU library that you all should have assess to. Your SMU ID card, Library barcode on the back, is required for doing this. You may also use your personal or your companies online subscriptions. You can browse through online copies of published literature in a similar way as you do traditional literature research as described above.

If you are using some other online sources, search with Google or other search engines, or other data bases, such as Web of Science, Google Scholar, etc., you should satisfy all the above requirements except for the following:

What to turn in:

  • A list of papers, with full reference/citation information, classified by the following topic areas:
    1. defect analysis and risk analysis related to software quality and dependability
    2. software reliability engineering
    3. software safety engineering
    Again, the list from online literature research should contain at least 5 papers per category; while the one from browsing 3 printed issues must have at least 1 paper per category.

    Due date for hw#L: 2/4/2013.

    Assignment #A: Analysis Techniques (Defect Analysis and Risk Identification)

    Use Tian/SQE Part IV chapters and related references as your guide, find an article or a book to help you understand better some of the following topics:

    Write a short summary of the paper/chapter, and discuss its relevance to our class and to your work (total length about 3-5 pages).

    If you find the paper/chapter interesting and useful, you might want to prepare a presentation as your individual study presentation. In that case, please let me know when you'd like to do the presentation (the earlier, the better).

    Due date for hw#A: 2/11/2013.

    Assignments #R and #S

    You might want to tie your hw#R and/or hw#S to your course project. In that case, if you choose to do an SRE-related project, you might want to do hw#R first; otherwise, you might want to do hw#S first.

    1st due date for one of (hw#R or hw#S): 2/25/2013
    2nd due date for the other: 3/25/2013

    Assignment #R: Paper Summary/Critique

    Select one paper about SRE (either from homework #1 or based on additional literature research) and write a short summary, analysis, and critique. You summary/analysis/critique should be around 3 or 4 double-spaced pages of text. Pay special attention to its relevance to CSE 8317 and to your work. Some specifics about this assignment are listed below:

    Due Date for hw#R: (See above)

    Assignment #S: Paper Summary/Critique

    Repeat assignment #R for a software safety related paper.

    Due Date for hw#S: (See above)

    Individual Study Presentation

    Notice: You may choose one of the above papers for your full individual study presentation.

    Prepared by Jeff Tian (tian@engr.smu.edu).
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