Jeff Tian's Research in Statistical Testing

The Cases for Statistical Testing

There are several important reasons for usage-based statistical testing: For user-oriented (or user-centered), large systems that satisfies varied needs of a large populations, usage-based statistical testing is typically preferred to traditional product-centered testing techniques. One excellent example where such usage-based statistical testing is appropriate is the Internet as a whole as well as various web applications.

UMM for Usage-based Statistical Testing and Applications to Web Testing

We have developed an approach using UMMs, or unified Markov models, to support usage-based statistical testing and reliability analysis. In UMMs, usage scenarios are represented by state transition diagrams, with associated likelihood for individual transitions represented by the transition probabilities, to form a set of hierarchical Markov chains. Much of our work in this areas is conducted and validated using web applications.

This work is described in the following papers (you can also see the abstracts for some of these and other recent papers):

Test Activity Characterization and Operational Profile Development

My research in this area includes: methods to capture and model customer operational profiles, examining model assumptions in practical software testing environments, and case studies on various systems, particularly to web sites.

This research is summarized in the following papers (see also abstracts for these and other recent papers):

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