My Favorite Composers and Their Works

The following is a list of my favorite (instrumental) composers for now (post 2005?), -- my "les six". Well, I went through periods of "monotheism" (Beethoven + romantics, pre 1985), "twin peaks" (Shostakovich/Beethoven + others, 1985-1994), "symphonic trio" (Beethoven/Shostakovich/Mahler + other symphonists Dvorak/Brahms, 1994-2000), "magnificent seven" ("trio" above + Bach/Bruckner/Dvorak/Nielsen, 2000-2005). Separate lists are available for my favorite operas and opera composers, favorite vocal composers and compositions, favorite living composers, most memorable live performances, and my dedicated pages to Dmitri Shostakovich.

Other Composers and Favorite Works

Prepared by Jeff Tian (
Created in 1996? Last update April 15, 2008.
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