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Update on July 28, 2004

  • Prof. Peter G. Eliseev will visit the LEOS Dallas Chapter and give a lecture at 6.30pm on Thursday, August 19th, 2004. The topic is "Semiconductor Lasers: from Homojunctions to Quantum Dots". Click here for the details of the lecture.

Update on July 27, 2004

  • Prof. Gary Eden will visit the LEOS Dallas Chapter and give a lecture on September 16, Thursday. The details of the lecture will be posted later.

Update on July 26, 2004

  • WAVEGUIDE is now available in a simple download that does not require a license and multiple modifications to install. Click here to download. If you had problems with the WAVEGUIDE downloaded from the previous WAVEGUIDE website, try this version. If you have problems installing this version on a PC, please email smuphotonics@engr.smu.edu.

Updates on July 7, 2004

  • GAIN, a program to calculate many properties of quantum well lasers, including the light-current characteristics (at various temperatures) and a very rough draft of user's manual for this program is available for download on this site.
  • WAVEGUIDE, a program to calculate the modes of planar, dielectric waveguides with complex dielectric constants (including metals) is available for downloading. Another very rough draft of a user's manual for this program is also available.
  • MODEIG, the predecessor to WAVEGUIDE is available to those who do not want to switch to WAVEGUIDE.


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