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The GAIN Program

This software was initially developed by Dr. Tso-Min Chou as part of his Ph.D. thesis. As an Adjunct Assistant Professor at SMU and in his work at TriQuint Semiconductor, he has continued to upgrade and improve this software through his interactions with the Photonic Group and the courses he teaches at SMU. GAIN is used to calculate the gain and related parameters in semiconductor quantum well laser structures. Presently the materials systems included in GAIN are AlGaAs/ AlGaAs, InGaAs/InGaAlAs/InP, InGaAs/InGaAsP/InP, InGaAlAs/InGaAlAs/InP, GaInP/AlzGawIn1-z-wP/Al0.5In0.5P, InGaAs/AlGaAs/AlGaAs, AlyInxGa1-x-yAs/AlzGa1-zAs/GaAs, InGaAs/AlGaInAs/AlGaInAs (substrate InP), In(y)Ga(1-y)As(x)N(1-x)/GaAs (dilute N), and In(1-x)Ga(x)As(y)P(1-y)/GaAs. This software runs under DOS and Windows based platforms.

We appreciate feedback on this software and the draft versions of the user manuals so we can improve both. Note that the user's manual has yet to be edited for grammar, and also may contain numerous technical errors at this stage.






the GAIN Program

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