BIOL 4132
Senior Seminar

Instructor: Steven Vik  
Office 236 DLS,  (214) 768-4228
Class: Friday 1:00-1:50  336 DLS

Course Description:

This will be a presentation and discussion course.  Students will read classic papers from the origins of molecular biology. They will be posted on Blackboard (shown below).  We will discuss the scientists involved, the background of the research situation at that time, the experiments that were done, and the influence and impact on the development of science. All students will be expected to read both the classic papers and additional material that describes historical or biographical information about the scientists involved in the work.  Selected students will make short presentations each week, and the material will be discussed. Students will write a short paper and be prepared to discuss it on the last day of class.

Syllabus (pdf)

Current schedule (pdf)

Citation Analysis guide (pdf)

NIH-Profiles in Science:

Oswald Avery

Arthur Kornberg

Papers can be downloaded at Blackboard

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