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Two projects will be required of each student this semester in Biol/Chem 5310.

Project 1) Participation in a selected departmental seminar (Biology or Chemistry)-3%

For each designated seminar there will be a sign-up sheet brought to class. There will be a limit of 10 students at each seminar. The topic of the seminars will be announced several weeks in advance during the class period. Background reading material will be available. Within a day or so, after the seminar is over the group will meet for 30 minutes to discuss what they learned, and to ask questions of each other. The list of seminars is linked.

Project 2) Write an 800-1000 word summary or analysis of a review article-5%

An article must be selected form the Annual Review series, linked below. These articles are comprehensive reviews of particular research areas. You may not find them to be easy reading, but I expect you to work on this throughout the semester. These articles can be read on-line, and can be printed out as pdf files using Adobe Acrobat Reader. One feature of reading them on-line in html is that many references are linked. This may lead to important background information

A short 5-10 minute presentation will be made in class. Aternatively, a web-based presentation can be supplied. Students who make in-class presentations during November will receive 20 extra points applied toward Homework. Make your reservations now, in class or by email.

Articles must be selected by Wednesday, September 25.

A one-page outline is due Thursday, October 17.

In-class presentations will begin Tuesday, November 5.

Papers are due November 26.

The following papers are taken: see link

Annual Review of Biochemistry links: 2002 2001 2000

Annual Review of Biophysics links   2002 2001

Annual Review of Physiology links    2002 2001

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