BIOL/CHEM 5310- 2002!

Fall Semester 2002
Tues. & Thurs. 11:00-12:20
Room 110, Dedman Life Sciences Building

Instructor: Steven Vik Telephone 214-768-4228

236 Dedman Life Sciences Building

Office Hours Monday 1:00-2:30 Website,

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Catalog Description:

Biological Chemistry: Macromolecular Structure and Function (BIOL/CHEM 5310) provides an introduction to the principles of biochemistry, with emphasis on the relationship between structure and function. Proteins, amino acids, lipids, membranes, carbohydrates, and nucleic acids are covered.


Organic Chemistry (CHEM 3371, 3117) is the prerequisite for this course.

Required Textbook:

Fundamentals of Biochemistry, Voet,Voet & Pratt , 2001, upgrade ed.
Student Companion to Fundamentals of Biochemistry

The text is the source of reading material, and of many of the homework problems. Use of the "Student Companion" is highly recommended. It contains answers to the "Study Exercises" from the end of each chapter in the text, and extra problems with solutions.

A website containing sample questions is available:


The text also contains a CD-ROM with animations and interactive exercises that can be viewed using Netscape Navigator. You should be able to view them from the CD using the computers on the third floor of Fondren Library (Digital Commons) or Room 111 Dedman Life Sciences Building. Netscape and all the appropriate add-ons can also be installed from the CD to your personal computer.

In this course, problem solving will be emphasized. Homework will be due on a weekly basis. Problems will be assigned from the text, and sometimes additional problems will be provided. Complete solutions to the problems will be required. This includes all necessary assumptions and important intermediate steps. Late homework is acceptable only by special permission of the instructor.

Students may ask questions via e-mail. If the question is of general interest a reply will be mailed to the entire list. Students may join the list by sending the instructor an e-mail message (Subject "5310", no message necessary). Joining the list is highly recommended.

This course will utilize web pages that are currently being developed by the instructor. The address for these materials is <>
It will be necessary to use Netscape Navigator versions 4.5-47x, with the "Chime" plug-in (version 2.0 or above is recommended). In my experience Netscape’s 6.1 version browser does not function with Chime, although version 7 does work. With Windows, you might be successful in using Internet Explorer to view my Chime pages, but there are some variables. "Chime", the plug-in can be installed from your CD, and it can also be obtained free of charge from <>. The Computer Lab in Room 111, Dedman Life Sciences Building will be set-up with Chime (installed in the Netscape application), for both Windows and Macintosh.

Two projects will be required during the semester. One project will require students to attend research seminars by visiting professors, and attend a discussion afterwords. The second project will require students to select a research topic from listed articles and prepare a written summary, along with a presentation, in-class or web-hosted.

Tutors will be available on a daily basis to help students with homework problems and with understanding the lecture material

Grading: The course grades will be determined according to the following scheme:

Homework 40%
First Exam 16%
Second Exam 16%
Final Exam 20%
Projects 8%

The final exam will not be cumulative, but will cover only the last topics in the semester. If you need to schedule an exam at an alternate time, it must be done in advance. The preceding schedule is subject to change.

HONOR CODE: It is expected that students have read sections of the University Bulletin concerning university regulations and academic honesty. In matters of homework, it is permitted to consult your classmates or others for assistance, but the work submitted must be your own.

Disability Accommodations: If you need academic accommodations for a disability, you must first contact Ms. Rebecca Marin, Coordinator, Services for Students with Disabilities (214-768-4563) to verify the disability and to establish eligibility for accommodations. Then you should schedule an appointment with the professor to make appropriate arrangements."

Religious Holidays: Religiously observant students wishing to be absent on holidays that require missing class should notify the instructor in writing at the beginning of the semester, and should discuss in advance with the professor acceptable ways of making up any work missed because of the absence.


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