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Chapter 1 Introduction: Life
Chapter 2 Introduction: Water
Chapter 3 Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids
Chapter 4 Amino Acids
Chapter 5 Proteins: Primary Structure
Chapter 6 Proteins: Three-Dimensional Structure
Chapter 7 Protein Function: Hemoglobin
Chapter 8 Carbohydrates
Chapter 9 Lipids
Chapter 10 Biological Membranes
Chapter 11 Enzymatic Catalysis
Chapter 12 Enzyme Kinetics, Inhibition, and Regulation
Chapter 23 Nucleic Acid Structure

These quizzes provide a test of your recall of information from the chapters of the Fundamentals of Biochemsitry textbook. In some cases they will test your comprehension of the material. The results of the quizzes you take on-line will not be seen by me. They are only for your practice, whether you take a "practice" or a "graded" quiz. In some chapters the quizzes will contain questions about material that we did not cover. Also, these quizzes may not prepare you for the problem-solving aspects of this course.

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