BIOL 6312
13 April 2018

Your Final Project will consist of two parts: a paper and a Jmol tutorial.

The Jmol tutorial will be presented orally to the class:

9:30 AM Thursday May 3
9:30 AM Thursday May 10 (Finals week):

Each presentation will be about 15 minutes.

The paper will be due Tuesday May 8 at 11:59 PM. It should be 1600-2000 words.

Your topic should be approved by the instructor in advance.

The project will most likely focus on recent studies of a protein, or a group of related proteins. You should use several literature sources, which are properly referenced in your paper. Your paper can incorporate figures from other sources, or ones that you create. Please provide me with links to the primary references. The paper should contain some intellectual input on your part, and not merely be a recounting of results. For example, you might point out where evidence is weak, or what new experiments could be done. The paper should use proper citations and a bibliography of cited references. Please copy the style of a standard journal. Also, number your pages.

The paper should be uploaded through Canvas.

Your Jmol tutorial should illustrate most or all of the contents of your paper. It should have 10 views of one or more proteins. You will likely use more than one pdb file, since you might need to compare similar proteins, or to show a protein with and without a ligand bound. You might also show mutated or truncated forms of a protein. The 10 views could be shown on 10 different pages (template), or you can use the multiple-button pages (template), or a page with 2 views shown side-by-side (template). You should include adequate text to explain the views, so that your project can be used by someone else for self-study. The tutorial should have an introductory Table of Contents page (template). You need to provide appropriate links to the Protein Data Bank and to PubMed.

The Jmol files for your presentation should be delivered to me by email, at least one day in advance of your presentation. I suggest it be provided well in advance, in case I need to solve problems with your pages or their links. I will post the files to my website, and you will make your presentation in that way. Try to make sure that your pages work, before sending them to me. If you are having trouble, please send me the files a few days in advance of the deadline. I am willing to help you with any technical questions you have as you are preparing your presenation. I can also make suggestions in other areas.



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