Biol 6312
Spring 2018

This page will provide links to exercises designed for this course and to sites of general interest to students in this course.

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Molecule of the Month

HW#1 due Feb 6
HW#2 due Feb 15 pdf list of papers chosen
Lesson 1 in class January 30 Link  
Lesson 2 in class February 6 Link  
Lesson 3 in class February 13 Link  
Lesson 4 in class February 20 link  
HW#3 due March 1 example list of papers chosen
Lesson 5 in class March 6 link  
HW#4 due Mar 8    
Lesson 6 in class Mar 20 link Download template file
HW#5/Jmol due March 27  
Lesson 7 in class March 27 link Download 3buttons file
Lesson 8 in class April 3 link Template with 2 molecules
HW#6/Jmol due April 12    
Lesson 9 in class April 10 link Consurf
Lesson 10 in class April 17 (HW#7 due 27 Apr) link Structure prediction
Lesson 11 in class May 1 (HW#8 due 3 May) link Video

HW#5 test pages


HW#6 test pages



Structure Predictions (HW#7)

Final Projects (schedule)

Final project pdf

Jmol pages from the lectures


Review journals

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