BIOL 6312
1 March 2018


See the list of papers chosen.

1. Identify a protein whose structure has been determined in the past year or so. Scan issues of Science, Nature, Nature Structural & Molecular Biolgy, PNAS, The Journal of Biological Chemistry, Protein Science, Proteins, The Journal of Molecular Biology, or other journals. For journals online, you can use the library website (Online Resources or journal search)or the links on my webpage. Find a protein whose structure is described in a full length article. Avoid integral membrane proteins. Check with me if you have any questions about your choice.

2. Written report: Due on Thursday March 1. Summarize the secondary structure and tertiary organization (the fold) of the protein. Confine your description to 1 page. Include estimates of the number of elements of alpha helix, beta sheet, etc. Also identify structural motifs that are present, and the overall organization. Treat each domain separately, if there are more than one. Identify the location of the active site, if there is one. Provide a reference to the paper.

3. Oral presentation: In class on Thursday March 1 each student will give a 4 - 5 minute report to the class summarizing the structure of his or her protein. Please upload the file (e.g., Powerpoint) by Wednesday evening. See me if you have any questions.