Conservation in subunit ND5 Back              nuoL
Human Complex I is shown with each of the 45 subunits colored a different color. The prosthetic groups, including FMN, FeS clusters, quinone, NADP+ and lipids are shown in space filling, colored by cpk.

Subunit ND5 is colored according to conservation. Magenta is most conserved, cyan is least conserved.

Isolated view of subunit ND5.

I149 in ND5    Undo     (L148)
Y159 in ND5    Undo     (Y158)

Atoms within 6 Å of subunit ND5 are shown in cpk according to the coloring scheme:
 ND4  nuoL  :r
 ND2  nuoN  :i
 ND4L  nuoK  :k
 FS2  nuoD  :Q
 FB6    :b
 FB4    :o
 FB10    :d
 FB9    :p
 FB8      :c
 FB5    :a
 FB2    :Y
 FA11    :V
 FB7    :v
 FB3    :Z
 FAB1    :X
 FB11    :e
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Architecture of Human Mitochondrial Respiratory Megacomplex I2III2IV2.
Guo R, Zong S, Wu M, Gu J, Yang M.
Cell. 2017 Sep 7;170(6):1247-1257.e12. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2017.07.050.(PubMed)

pdb ID (5xtd)