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United Parcel Service Car Wash

(Rugger E. Burke, 1989)

The purpose of the following vehicle wash study, conducted for United Parcel Service in the Mesquite regional hub, was to determine and record the least expensive system for the daily washing of all vehicles in service. At the present time, a split plan is in operation; whereby, vehicles parked on the south side of the hub (123 cars) are washed by drivers and vehicles parked on the north side of the hub (106 cars) are washed by part-time shifters. Time studies taken by five observers of nine shifters were performed to obtain an accurate time allowance for local analysis. The time studies were entered into a statistical processing package, calculated by the computer, and interpreted in this report. Cost per plan were determined to be: Drivers washing all vehicles: $880.58 per day Split Plan: $839.48 per day Part timers washing all vehicles: $797.47 per day. The results of this study indicate that if part time employees wash all vehicles in the hub, the potential savings per year (252 days) could exceed $10,586.

Richard S. Barr
Fri Feb 17 16:09:51 CST 2006